Tablet Weaving Simulator

This is my first try to build a Java-based tabletweaving simulator. It's written in Java 1.0 and should be displayable by any Java capable browser.

Presently there is only one pattern 'woven'.

The program is based on a mathcad program written by Dave Barnett.

Improvements: interactivity, loading and saving of patterns (presently I have only a very rough idea how to do it in a Java applet due the security limitations), support of other then four holed tablets, printing from the browser, front and back view of the woven band, ...

Limitations of the present version: no hardcopy possible, only one fixed pattern, fixed colors, slow

Java source code: presently not available. I am working on this code, and things are changing rapidly. After the program is in a more stable phase, I will put it under the GPL. This means that the source is then accessible for everybody.

Please send all bug reports and all your ideas and wishes about functions of the program to my e-mail address

May 13, 1998: first version
May 29, 1998: changed 'weaving' to look more like a real woven band
June 5, 1998: some minor incopatibity problems solved (IE vs. Navigator)

5. June 1998, Hubert Weikert, weikert (bei)